Our Bucket List Travel Destinations

Whether its jetting off to an exotic locale or simply venturing to a new neighborhood in our own city, there's something about exploring a new place that is endlessly inspiring. 

Come away with us as we explore some of our dream vacation destinations—and the Calin New York covers that go perfectly with these dreamy locales. 


Santorini Vacation Bucket List Travel

Get lost in the winding, hilly streets of Santorini. We can't help but think of how perfectly our Cobalt cover would look among the whitewashed buildings with bright pops of blue that dot the island. 


 Napa Valley Wine Tasting Vineyard

Grab a glass of Cabernet and explore Napa's famed vineyards. With its pebbled texture and earthy color, our Olive cover is the perfect companion for exploring the endless green fields of grape vines, rustic architecture and stunning sunsets. 


 Singapore Asia Travel Crazy Rich Asians

Traveling to Singapore is like stepping into the future. It's glistening, sculptural architecture may make you feel like you're in a sci-fi movie, but its vibrant culture will bring you back down to earth. Our Silver cover will will give your look the perfect amount of shine to blend into the futuristic setting while still standing out. 


Mexico City Travel Bucket List

Mexico City is the hometown of artist Frida Kahlo, so it's no wonder that every corner you turn feels like a work of art. From the brightly-colored buildings to the lively markets, there's definitely an energy that pulses through this city. Our vibrant Pink cover is the perfect accessory to accompany you as you explore this vibrant city. 


Paris Travel Bucket List

 It's no wonder Paris is called "The City of Lights"—it truly glistens. Grab a croissant and our Gold cover as you discover the gilded museums, romantic streets and glowing monuments of Paris. 



Thinking of heading to one of these destination? Check out our travel essentials we don't go anywhere without. 


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