A note from our founder

If you’re like me, you’ve always wished for a Cher Horowitz-worthy closet, brimming with your dream wardrobe and dressing like the fashion icon you were born to be. But instead, you’re stuck staring at your closet thinking about how you never have anything to wear. That’s way harsh.

When shopping for handbags, I found that I was typically stuck with two options. Either splurge on a high-quality, neutral designer handbag that went with everything or, buy a trend-of-the-moment fast-fashion bag that usually ended up in the giveaway pile after a few wears. I knew there had to be a better option.

I didn’t want to compromise when it came to quality or style and certainly wasn’t planning on spending my entire paycheck on a bag anytime soon. So I decided to build a brand for women like me, who appreciate quality, sophisticated design, and thoughtful details.

To me, personal style is one of the most impactful forms of self-expression. I wanted to create handbags that you would be proud to be seen in, that encourage you to express your personality and experiment with your style.

So cheers to embracing your individuality, owning your style, and unapologetically celebrating who you are.

Empowered Style

Calin’s interchangeable covers put you in the driver’s seat to finally dress the way you’ve always envisioned. Effortlessly switch up your look to fit your mood, the occasion, or destination. Our goal is to empower you to look and feel your best at every moment, from running errands to a black-tie wedding. With Calin, you can put your personality on display and look as radiant on the outside as you are on the inside.

Streamlined Lifestyle

Life is busy. When you’re juggling a million things, the last thing you need is to have left your wallet in your other bag.

We know that it’s not enough just to look put together. To make it through your on-the-go life, you have to be put together as well. Now, instead of having to move your wallet, keys, gum, pens, chapstick, and that random tchotchke you for some reason can’t throw out, every time you change your bag, you can keep them all organized in our Insert. Then, just simply put your Insert in a new Calin cover, and Voila! You’re ready to go. You can even toss it in your work tote or your gym bag so you always have your essentials wherever you go.

Redefined Luxury

Calin challenges the traditional concept that exorbitant prices automatically make something a luxury item. We believe true luxury has less to do with price, and much more to do with not compromising on quality, taste, or values. We created a bag to covet that is steeped in style and craftsmanship, yet is good for the planet—and your wallet.

Each cover is thoughtfully designed and carefully curated to help you build a collection of personal treasures that light you up when you wear them. Calin handbags are timeless keepsakes that last a lifetime.