Our Travel Must-Haves We Never Leave Home Without

While there is no one right way to pack, there are several different methods people typically gravitate towards. There's the over-packer who stuffs two duffles to the brim for a weekend getaway; there's the minimalist who somehow manages to fit everything inside a tiny backpack; and then there's everyone else who falls somewhere in between. No matter your packing style, there are several essentials that almost everyone can agree will enhance your travel experience. Here are our must-have travel items we always find a place for.  


bkr Water Bottle

This eco-friendly bottle has won a permanent spot in our luggage. Not only does it keep us hydrated while flying, but the colorful silicone sleeves that cover each glass bottle makes us feel pretty damn chic. 


EO French Lavender Hand Sanitizer


A spritz of this natural hand sanitizer is just the thing you need after using a grimy airplane bathroom. It comes in a compact, easy-to-use spray bottle and the lavender scent smells AMAZING. 


Cuyana Alpaca Scarf

We always make sure to bring a black pashmina with us on our travels--even to warmer destinations. Since the temperature on planes is typically sub-arctic, having this to use as a blanket or shawl has been clutch. 


Paravel Cube Trio

These cubes are a total game changer when it comes to our packing strategy. They are amazing for saving space and helping to stay organized when on the road. 


Calin New York Handbags


Call us biased, but Calin handbags may be the ultimate travel accessory. The slim, interchangeable covers allow you to bring multiple handbag styles, without the bulk. You can actually bring more options, while taking up less space. 


Explore all the Calin New York styles you can bring with you on your next getaway

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