What to Pack in Your Purse for A Night Out

NYC is definitely back — Broadway has turned its lights back on, tourists are streaming through Times Square, and restaurants and bars are lively and packed. The energy of the city feels electric once again. After more than enough time at home, we’re more than ready to celebrate with a good night out on the town. 

You never know where the night will take you, so it’s best to be prepared. One of the best things about Calin’s handbags is that you can leave all your essentials in your Insert so you always have everything you need and you’ll never risk leaving something important, like your wallet or keys behind, even when you switch Covers. 

Read on to hear about some of our all-time favorite places to go out in NYC and the items we always make sure to bring with us.

All Night Skate

This skate-rink themed bar is pure joy. While it doesn’t actually have a skating rink (though you do get a discount if you bring a pair of roller skates) it has the energy, amazing music, and playfulness of one. The retro decor and neon lights are perfectly nostalgic, without being cheesy and the drinks are just as fun and clever--like the pop rocks rimmed cocktail, ‘Poppin Off.’

What to pack: You’re bound to work up a sweat showing off your epic dance moves. That’s why we always pack an extra hair tie to toss our hair up.  

George & Jack's Tap Room

This no-frills establishment is one of our favorite dive bars. With dark wooden walls covered with old beer signs and vintage photos of NYC it has the essence of an old school watering hole. Grab a drink and sit down on one of the many worn in bar stools near the old school jukebox. Oh, and definitely be sure to grab some free popcorn from the machine in the back. 

What to pack: Grimey bathrooms are practically mandatory for div bars so it’s always a good idea to stash a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. 

Bemelmans Bar

This NYC-establishment is the epitome of class. Situated within the Carlyle Hotel since 1947, this bar instantly transports you to New York’s golden era. Grab a  cocktail ( we recommend the martini), listen to the live music, and take in their famous whimsical wall murals. It’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed to the nines and throw on a pair of high heels. 

What to pack: This travel-sized anti-friction stick is a life saver for those times where you “should have broken in your heels before wearing them out but you just couldn’t wait to wear them.” It’s actually meant for your thighs (hello chub rub!), but works great for your feet as well!

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