Our handbags have you covered for every occasion

Most people either fall into two categories: they have a different purse for every occasion, or they wear the same bag to every single event. The first group can end up being pretty expensive, while the second definitely can get boring and not allow you to look your best. Well, do we have some good news for you; we’ve combined both categories into one so now you can wear the same bag to every event, while wearing a different bag to every event. No, this is not some magical bag of tricks; with our interchangeable covers, you can have a different look every night, while keeping your insert the same. Kind of genius, if we do say so. With Calin, you get the benefit of never having to move everything from one bag to another while also getting to match your bag to every look; it’s basically having your cake and eating it too. 

Below, we’ll show you how you can create a new look—with the same bag—for every occasion, simply by switching up your covers. 

Day Trip

Day Hand Bag

Whether you’re taking a stroll around a new city, hitting up a brewery, or taking in an exhibit at a museum, our Margot Cover’s classic look is great for daytime exploring.  

Date Night

Day Trip Bad

Our glossy Camille Cover is sleek and sexy; just the right accessory to enhance a romantic night out.

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out Bag

A night out with the girls calls for a bag that’s equally as fun, and is there anything more fun than the bright pink of our Poppy Cover?


Gala Dress Bag

Take advantage of this fun excuse to get dressed up to the nines. Accompanied by our  Luna cover, you’ll be sparkling and glowing all night long. 


Bag for Wedding

Whether it's a black tie affair or barefoot on the beach, our Inez cover is the perfect wedding companion since she looks amazing with any color and can be dressed up or down. 

Birthday Party

Blue Bag for Birthday Parties

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Make this celebration extra bright and cheery with our Sunny Cover. 

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