Free shipping on purchases of $250 or more
Free shipping on purchases of $250 or more
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At Calin New York, we are obsessed with quality.  Every detail, no matter how small, is thoughtfully considered. 

 Through impeccable construction, timeless designs and the finest materials, our handbags are built to last and be cherished for years to come.




Not only is Calin New York heavily influenced by New York City's vibrant culture and people, but we proudly design and produce all our products here. 


A product is only as good as its materials. That's why we source the finest Italian leathers and suedes to make our handbags. Each material is hand-selected
to not only look beautiful, but to feel beautiful as well. 


Our innovative construction is built to fuse beautiful design with functionality. Inspired by women's ever-evolving lives, each Calin New York cover
has a unique identity meant to enhance your own personal style.