ABOUT US – Calin nyc

Inspired by the strength, creativity and power that comes from self-expression. Our mission is to help you always be the your best version of yourself.

Calin New York was born from the belief that women are complex and constantly evolving. With our interchangeable covers, we empower our customers to define and express their own personal style. 


Empowered Style

We don't prescribe to a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We understand that our likes, desires and needs are always changing and you should never have to settle. Our highly curated, interchangeable covers provide the ability to constantly change your style. We encourage you to explore your unique, ever-evolving style.

Multi-Tasking Made Simple

When you're always on the go, you don't have time for outfit changes. Calin lets you switch up your look no matter whether you're heading, from work to drinks, errands to a party, or school drop-off to morning meetings.

Attainable Luxury

We're committed to providing exceptional quality and nothing less. We obsess over every detail, use the best materials and most talented craftsmen to create thoughtfully made, luxury productswithout the luxury markup.



Calin New York was born out of an appreciation for high-quality well designed and simply beautiful handbags. Our founder, Alli Echelman, found that while she constantly gravitated towards unique, bold fun designs, she had a closet full of black and neutral handbags. She realized the reason for this was she was hesitant to invest in a quality handbag that she couldn't wear with everything, With a love affair of fashion and a lifetime spent cutting up sheets and fabrics to make her own clothing and bags, it was only natural that she went out to design her own solution to this problem. After three years of prototyping and testing materials, Calin New York finally was born. We hope our bags bring a sense of whimsy, fun, sophistication and functionality to your wardrobe.